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Wilmington, Delaware Court Reporters and Reporting Companies

Wilmington Delaware Court Reporters and Reporting CompaniesTechnology has developed quite a hold on our lives. Mobile devices have given us unprecedented access to the web, allowing us to stay in constant contact with family, friends, and coworkers.

This same technology has given attorneys amazing new tools to prepare for cases and then work inside the courtroom.

Wilmington court reporters at Summit Court Reporting can help attorneys find new ways to utilize this technology by providing the services and know how to enhance cases.

Real-time streaming technology has been a major advancement that has been a part of case preparation. Just a few years ago, it was possible to view real-time transcripts without the benefit of audio or video. However, text is one dimensional, and does not allow legal teams to assess the credibility of witnesses through their mannerisms.

Now, attorneys can use this new technology to combine the transcripts with live audio and video. It has added texture to case preparation, and allows legal teams to watch remotely while attorneys conduct their examinations.

Additionally, support teams can use a secure chat function to communicate with attorneys while they work, allowing the attorney to stay in constant contact with the team that helps create success for clients.

Live legal video is just one important technological tool that Delaware court reporters can help bring to attorneys’ cases. We can help with a number of services that help lawyers work smarter and save time and money in the process.