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Vehicle Fees Increase in Pennsylvania

It is not an April Fool’s joke: vehicle fees are going up today in Pennsylvania.

Vehicle registrations, drivers’ licenses, and other fees are all increasing. The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation fee increases were enacted as part of a $2.3 billion transportation infrastructure bill passed by the General Assembly last year. A gas tax hike was also included in the legislation.

The extra money is going to be used to fund mass transit, repair aging bridges, and mend potholes, which have become a looming issue in light of the near weekly winter storms this year.

Another round of increases is set for this summer, when vanity plate fees jump to $76 from their current $20 price tag in July.

The governor’s Transportation Advisory Commission says that this year alone, the average Pennsylvania driver will pay about $22 more than last year. By 2018, the increase in fees and taxes from their current levels will be about a $132 bite.

The commission’s 2011 report created the framework for last year’s infrastructure bill.