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Trenton Court Reporters

Trenton Court ReportersTrenton court reporters have evolved over the years. It was not long ago when court reporting companies were primarily the keepers of the legal record. Now that has changed as legal professionals are facing new challenges in their practices that require innovation and new technology.

New Jersey Court Reporting Firms

One of the ways that New Jersey court reporters at Summit Reporting have evolved is by staying ahead of new technology to give lawyers more options for case preparation and presentation in addition to maintaining the record of legal proceedings.

As more and more law firms look to expand their reach and take on bigger cases, the technology they use can play an important role. Connectivity has changed the way businesses of all kinds work, and law practices are no exception. Video conferencing has enabled the legal professional to be in two places at once, and they can now work with co-counsel far away or participate in a video deposition over a broadcast-quality link. Court reporting firms can facilitate each of these events, and even add new elements.

Realtime reporting adds a new level of immediacy to the work of the law practice. Now an attorney can stream testimony directly from the court reporter’s computer, and they can take the date in across a courtroom or across a country. In each case, law firms can get the information they need to immediately incorporate testimony into their casework.

Court Reporters in Trenton

Video and other media can also play an important role in the courtroom, and lawyers that take advantage of courtroom presentations prepared by today’s court reporting companies are seeing results from these immersive presentations.

Choose a firm that is ready to bring innovative and effective tools to your firm and find out how your law firm can get better results for your clients.