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The Power of Legal Videography is a critical tool in today’s litigation. Summit’s staff of Certified Legal Videographers will tailor decades of deep experience and technical proficiency to your specific need.

    • Full Video Department
    • Certified Legal Video Specialists
    • Professional-level equipment
    • Sony ‘Three-chip’ camcorders and Sony ECM Series microphones
    • Digital Video Depositions
    • Trial Playbacks, Trial Presentations
    • “Day-in-the-Life” Accident Reconstruction, Product Testing
    • Digital Still Photography
    • Videotaping may be added to Video Conferencing Services
    • Videos with Synchronized Transcripts
    • Computer-based Video Edits
    • Copy Service – DVD, VHS, CD & MPEG-1
    • Deposition and Videoconference Suites – Worldwide Networking
    • Deposition Suites to accommodate 2 to 40 people


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The videotaping of witness testimony is accomplished by employing only professional-level equipment. Sony ‘Three-chip’ camcorders and Sony ECM Series microphones are just some of the components incorporated to deliver superior image and audio every time.

Equally important is the courtroom presentation of video testimony. The judge and all parties have individual monitors to view, while your jury is no longer subjected to the limits of 27-inch and 13-inch television screens… Imagine the testimony’s impact when viewed through video projection to a 100-inch screen. This new technology allows everyone a powerful, unobstructed view. Our available ELMO PRESENTER service brings the same visual dominance to your text, image or irregularly-shaped exhibits.

Testimony preservation is one benefit of Legal Videography. Accident Recreations, Site or Product Reviews and Day-In-The-Life Presentations can bring that winning edge to your litigation! Should your completed video project be in tape or DVD format, our computer-based editing technology ensures the video and audio clarity you expect.

Many firms currently have decades of video testimony stored on VHS tape. If tapes are not properly cared for, VHS tape will self-degrade. This process can be delayed, but never eliminated. Don’t run the risk of losing invaluable evidence. Contact SUMMIT COURT REPORTING to have your VHS tapes archived and preserved to the DVD format. There is one other benefit to this service: just imagine the storage space you will reclaim.