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Video Conferencing

Nationwide Video Conferencing

Choose Summit’s video nationwide conferencing services for your next deposition, meeting or interview. Two or more locations can be linked nationally or internationally.

Video Conferencing is great for conducting short, out-of-town depositions and also
multi-location depositions. All parties save time, money, and travel inconvenience by utilizing this very valuable service!

Summit makes it easy to schedule, since you have access to hundreds of facilities within our network. With one call to Summit at 800-447-8648 and we will set up a video-conference anywhere in the world. You can also schedule online for video-conferencing services.

Summit’s video-conference facilities include:

  • In-room Video Conference Coordinators
  • On-site Technical Support
  • Administrative Staff to Assist in Faxing and Copying Documents
  • Internet Access
  • Reliable ISDN Lines
  • Videotaping Available
  • Catering Available
  • Our Conference Rooms can accommodate 2 to 40 people
  • Complimentary Demonstrations Available

Schedule Services with one call for Local, Regional, Coast-to-Coast and International needs!

Court Reporting Professionals

Summit Reporting’s team of court reporting professionals and legal support staff help legal professionals prepare for major litigation. Contact one of our offices to learn how we can help you win your next case.