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Skype Meetings

Skype MeetingsOne of the demands of today’s legal professional is speed. Each day, lawyers are expected to accomplish more, but the days are not getting any longer and the distances that sometimes have to be traveled are not getting any shorter.

Skype meetings are one way to meet the challenge of efficiency in today’s legal world. This videoconferencing technology allows for many parties to connect over the internet, and can provide broadcast-quality video and audio to give legal professionals a viable alternative to working in person.

Summit Reporting can facilitate this service in one of our well-equipped conference rooms, giving your party a way to communicate with anyone for meetings or for remote depositions that can be coupled with real-time reporting to provide a fully integrated experience for attorneys.

Skype meetings can help attorneys meet the logistical challenges of working cases that would, at one time, have taken them across the country, meaning they are now better equipped to expand their reach and handle more challenging cases for more demanding clients.

Summit Reporting Helps You Stay Connected

Summit Reporting is a leader in bringing new technology to the legal community and to other legal professionals who need assistance with working long distance without the expense of travel. We can meet your needs with Skype meetings and other technology.