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Realtime Reporting

Realtime ReportingRealtime reporting provides instant transcription to attorneys’ laptops in the deposition room or virtually streaming to a computer anywhere in the world.  Realtime is a technology that has changed the way that lawyers think of the timetable for transcripts and other documents.

Philadelphia court reporters can provide lawyers with this technology that gives them a near immediate look at testimony as it happens. When the court reporter’s equipment is connected to the lawyer’s computer, the attorney can quickly see testimony and even review a rough draft.

This technology has also expedited the finished transcription of court proceedings, moving them quickly from rough draft to a polished version.

Summit Reporting continues to be a leader among New Jersey and Philadelphia court reporting companies in providing technology and efficiency that enhances the work of law practices. Realtime reporting can also be facilitated over the internet, meaning that an attorney anywhere in the country can view transcripts of testimony as it happens in a Philadelphia deposition.

Philadelphia Realtime Reporting

Today’s legal professional needs every technological tool available to remain competitive in a highly-charged legal environment. Realtime reporting provides an immediacy that allows attorneys to better serve their clients in fluid cases where new information can be revealed in testimony, all of which can be delivered through this powerful tool.