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Mediations and Arbitrations

Mediations and ArbitrationsPhiladelphia Mediation and Arbitration

Our court system is getting busier with each passing year. As a result, many litigants are finding ways to resolve disputes that avoid the courtroom. Once a conflict enters court, outcomes become more uncertain and interested parties relinquish control over the outcome. They can also be expensive and damaging.

As a result, Philadelphia mediation and arbitration have become more popular. These proceedings give both parties the latitude to craft agreements that meet the needs of both sides without public and costly legal battles. These services are also available to our New Jersey clients as well.

Divorces, family issues, child custody, business and civil disputes, and workplace issues can be handled reasonably in mediation when both sides are prepared to work through issues and avoid the risks of courtroom rulings.

There are many advantages to mediation and arbitration in Pennsylvania including:

  • Quicker Resolutions
  • Flexibility in Scheduling
  • Lower Costs
  • Confidentiality
  • Customizable Solutions
  • Lasting agreements with a finality that is not jeopardized through appeals
  • Creates amicable solutions that allows parties to negotiate in the future

Planning Your Next Meeting

Summit Court Reporting can help law firms and their clients through the process of litigation by helping to identify contentious points and craft workable, lasting solutions. We can also provide a number of other important services that can be a part of the mediation process including video conferencing and catering services during meetings. Our company is ready to be a partner with you throughout the process helping all parties come to agreeable dispute resolutions.

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