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Catering Services For Your Meeting

Long hours in one of our conference rooms can sometimes extend over lunch and dinner. On some occasions, working groups find it useful to work over a meal. Summit Court Reporting can help make your work more comfortable with catering services for your group.

Over mediation and other meetings that sometimes take long periods of time to complete, one of the ways we can help is making all parties as comfortable as possible through the process. This includes offering catering services to our corporate and legal clients that can be delivered for lunch or dinner.

For lunch or dinner, we can offer several local options that satisfy working attorneys and investigative teams as they work on their cases in one of our fully-equipped conference rooms. Simply provide us with advance notice about the number of people you expect in your group and details about meal preferences and we can offer several options through local businesses in the area.

Also, relax in our sitting area and recharge during breaks in your work in our meeting rooms, giving all parties in a meeting the chance to step away from the working environment and prepare for the work that still remains.

Selecting Options for Working Groups of All Sizes

For catering, contact us to find about more about specific options and to inform us about the size of the group you need to accommodate. We can help craft solutions that keep all parties comfortable and maximize their work in our comfortable, technologically-apportioned conference rooms.