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Choosing New Jersey Court Reporters

New Jersey Court Reporters

When attorneys need to conduct business around the country, they seek the same reliability in court reporting companies that they do in their own communities. Summit Court Reporting is a leader among New Jersey court reporters in providing services to attorneys in the area and those visiting to advance their cases.

Videography and Other Services

With our videoconferencing and videography technologies, Summit Court reporting can help attorneys conduct depositions both in person while remaining in contact with their firms or remotely where they can save time and money that is devoted to travel. Using audio and video, attorneys have more tools to assess the veracity of witnesses. This same video can also make a powerful impact in front of jurors in a courtroom.

We offer a free consultation to law firms so that they can learn more about how we are a leader among New Jersey reporting companies, capable of providing videography and other services for a growing and evolving legal field.

New Jersey Court Reporting Firms

For attorneys in New Jersey, Summit can provide the services that make the firm an attractive partner for the long-term success of law practices. Our command of new technology in the field makes us an industry-wide leader, and through our affiliation with the National Network of Reporting Companies (NNRC), law practices can be assured that when their cases take them from the area, they can receive the same level of service they get from their New Jersey court reporting firms.

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